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Karlsruhe: Welcome

City administration

 Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup

Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup

In Germany, the city adminis­tra­tion is the first point of contact for citizens in all matters pertaining to the autho­ri­ties. The Mayor is the head of the city adminis­tra­tion. He is elected directly by the citizens and represents the community externally. He is the voting chairman of the City Council and of its decision-making bodies. The term of office for a Mayor in Baden-Württem­berg is generally eight years.

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Deputy Mayors and their areas of responsibility

The city of Karlsruhe has five male deputy mayors and one female deputy mayor. Their areas of respon­si­bi­lity are referred to as Dezernate (depart­ments).

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City Council

The City Council represents the citizens and is the city's main body. It determines the basic principles of the adminis­tra­tion of the city and decides on matters pertaining to the city.

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