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Karlsruhe: Welcome

Information for skilled workers and executives

Karlsruhe offers solid oppor­tu­ni­ties for skilled workers and executives. The city and the Techno­lo­gie­Re­gion (tech­no­logy region) are charac­te­ri­sed by a high density of businesses in the science and technology intensive sectors. Solid growth, attractive jobs with high wage and salary levels and excellent career oppor­tu­ni­ties offer skilled workers the oppor­tu­nity to come aboard. Additio­nally, Karlsruhe is a good place not only to work but also to live.

Projects to attract skilled workers by Karlsruhe businesses

Catch the job (page in German)

Cyber Forum e. V. (page in English)

KarriereRegion (CareerRegion) (page in German)

KIT-Karrieremesse für Jobsuchende (KIT Career Fair for Job Seekers) (page in German)


Useful information

Recognition of academic degrees in Germany

International degrees

In order to be able to work in one's qualified profession in Germany, inter­na­tio­nal education degrees and profes­sio­nal quali­fi­ca­ti­ons need to be recognised in Germany. Here you will find all relevant infor­ma­tion on the recogni­tion procedure.

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 Stacks of books


With the goal in mindto offer everyone the best education oppor­tu­ni­ties,the city of Karlsruhe has been investing conti­nuously for years in its schools and offers a broad range of education. Karls­ru­he's univer­si­ties have ranked among the top German univer­si­ties for years.

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 Students writing on the chalkboard

Language courses

Infor­ma­tion on language courses and further possi­bi­li­ties to learn German.

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Emergency room sign at the entrance

Karlsruhe's healthcare system

Infor­ma­tion on the German healthcare system, health insurance, medical emergency services and more.

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 Playground in a residential area

Living in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is a great place to live - and that includes accom­mo­da­tion. The city offers a large number of green spaces and parks in almost every part of town.

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 Children playing at the daycare


Numerous daycare centres for children and pupils in Karlsruhe provide care for children of all age groups.

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